New TLDs

Digital World Web Hosting introduces   NEW TLDs

What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. It’s sometimes more simply referred to as the domain’s extension. The most famous example is .com. So for example, in the TLD is .com. In the TLD is .net.

The growth in the technology industry over the years have increased the demand and the need for more and more  domain names.

The most common Domain names are:

  • .com – Commercial
  • .org – Organization
  • .edu – Education
  • .net – Network

There are generic “ccTLD” that are country specific for example:

  • .au – Australia
  • .de – Germany
  • .fr – France
  • .uk – United Kingdom
  • .us – United States

There are  “gTLDs” like:

  • .biz
  • .info
  • .name, etc.  these are not related to any specific country some are restricted and some are unrestricted.

Speaking of restricted… There are also Restricted “TLDs”,  the most common ones are:

  • .gov – for U.S. government sites
  • .mil – for U.S. military sites
  • .asia – for Asian sites

There are also “Vanity TLDs” these are usually “ccTLDs”  but are sold to people and companies outside of the country of origin. These are typically sold because of the code itself. Examples of Vanity ccTLDs are:

.ad         –         Andorra         –         Advertising and advertising agencies
.ms        –         Montserrat   –         Microsoft
.am        –         Armenia         –         Radio stations and domain hacks (like
.be         –         Belgium         –         Used as the literal word “be”
.it          –         Italy           –         Used for the literal word “it” and for that end in the letters it.


SO What are “New TLDs??”  

New Domains!!! New Opportunities!!!
Started 2013, new domain extensions, or TLDs, has change how the world uses the Web. People now have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to their online ventures. New TLDs help consumers know what to expect from the websites they visit, making it easier to find sites relevant to them.
New TLDs are Kind of a Big Deal
New TLDs are the future of the Internet. Your business needs to make the leap or be left behind. Major players like Google, Amazon and even brands like Ferrari are investing in the success of new TLDs. With consumers being exposed to more than 1,000 TLDs in 2013, they’ll want their own descriptive and memorable domain name for their website.

Build Your Own Watchlist
Track the new TLDs and domains that interest you.
• Receive instant updates on your list items
• Participate in pre-launch phases like Sunrise &Landrush
• Place domain orders from Watchlist
• Submit Items to Watchlist FREE with no commitment

“Check out family-friendly TLDs with mass appeal
Today, the Internet is at the center of almost every home.”

Families use the Web to shop, keep up with the news, access entertainment, and stay in touch. TLDs like .FAMILY and .MOM make it easy for everyone in the family to find sites that are geared toward their interests and needs. Add these TLDs to your Watchlist to monitor their progress and get yours first.

Most Popular!
The .FAMILY TLD will be a place where families can come together with a website just for their family. With so many families now online, and more arriving each day, .FAMILY domains will go fast as each family tries to be the first to register their name. Examples of .FAMILY domains include Smith.Family, TheJohnsons.Family, and TalkToYour.Family.

Mothers are among the fastest growing groups getting online today*. The .MOM TLD will be the place for mothers to connect, share ideas, and get information on topics they care the most about. It will also be a place for people to purchase goods and services for their mothers. Examples include: Social.Mom, GiftsFor.Mom, TalkTo.Mom.

With .KIDS, parents can keep the online experience of their children safe. Kids can safely learn, play games, and be a kid while parents can shop for child-related goods and services. The .KIDS TLD will be a safe place that’s all about kids. Examples include: SafeBrowsing.Kids, LearningFor.Kids, GamesFor.Kids.

The baby search term is consistently among the most popular Web searches**. When .BABY launches, parents will have a tailored shopping experience for baby-related products and access resources to help them with the newest addition to their family. Some examples of .BABY include: ShopFor.Baby, AllAbout.Baby, GetReadyFor.Baby.

In many homes, pets are considered part of the family. With .PETS, families can get everything their furry friends need to be happy and healthy. Food, treats, toys, advice, and information will all be available through .PETS. Examples include: CareForYour.Pets, FoodAndToysFor.Pets, TrainYour.Pets.

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