Garmin Announces A New Running Watch, The Super Smart Forerunner 920XT

“Super Smart!!! Garmin has nine sport watches in its product lineup, ranging in price from $129 to $399, depending on accessories. The Forerunner 210 GPS-enabled sport watch sells for $349 including heart rate monitor strap and stride-sensing foot-pod, or $299 without these two options. This places it near the high end of Garmin’s GPS watch line. It’s an excellent all-around runner’s watch. If you want to use a watch for cycling or triathlons.”

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Running watches can either be dead simple – see Timex’s Ironman line – or complex. Garmin usually errs on the side of complex. Their latest running watch, the 920XT, will be available before the holiday and promises enough bells and training whistles to help you go from couch to (probably not) a 100 miler in a few weeks.

The new Forerunner looks similar to the previous models – large screen, big body, comfortable strap – but is waterproof and allows you to track bicycle rides and pool laps. It also connects to your cellphone allowing you to pick up reminders, text messages, and notifications right on your watch. It also includes WiFi so you can upload stats directly without a cable. The watch costs $449 without a heart rate monitor and $499 with.

Some features include:

The Forerunner 920XT’s sleek design is 15 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than…

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