Google Adds European Search De-Listing Requests To Its Transparency Report

Google Adds European Search De-Listing Requests To Its Transparency Report……Google’s European search privacy page also provides a small smattering of sample requests (with generic details and specifics like names removed), to illustrate the types of requests it is granting and refusing.

Samples of granted requests currently listed by Google include:

A woman requested that we remove a decades-old article about her husband’s murder, which included her name. [Italy]
A victim of rape asked us to remove a link to a newspaper article about the crime. [Germany]
We received a request from a crime victim to remove 3 links that discuss the crime, which occurred decades ago. [Italy]

Samples of requests it has refused so far include:

A media professional requested that we remove 4 links to articles reporting on embarrassing content he posted to the Internet. [UK]
We received multiple requests from a single individual who asked us to remove 20 links to recent articles about his arrest for financial crimes committed in a professional capacity. [Italy]
A financial professional asked us to remove more than 10 links to pages reporting on his arrest and conviction for financial crimes. [Switzerland]

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