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About DigiSmart – The Next Generation


Our Office located in: Carmel, California

Shopping is becoming more hectic as we get closer the winter and Christmas. For people looking to avoid all that rush, you can do so by shopping from the comfort of your home. DigiSmart by NextDayPC invites you to get all your electronics and office supplies. The prices are great and there is Free shipping when you purchase from DigiSmart. We have more than 17,000 items to choose from. All brands of merchandise are found on DigiSmart.

There is also an opportunity to start your own reseller business.


When we started in 1999, with 3 people in a small office in Monterey, California, we had the ambition of becoming a very large company, in a very short amount of time. We have long since abandoned that thought and we know that it takes hard work and dedication to provide the right products, at the right time and price to an ever growing number of loyal customers. Although our team is still not very large, many of the people that were here in the beginning are still here today.

Through automation we have been able to increase the number of products we offer and the speed at which products are delivered without losing touch with our customers. We do not have an endless phone menu; instead you’ll be able to talk to a live person within seconds of calling our toll free number and our customer service emails are answered by real people here in our office within hours, sometimes minutes.

Why buy from us?

We know you have many choices today, especially with the speed at which information travels today. All you need is a part number and you’ll see that everyone is selling exactly the same product, just at different prices. If you base your buying decision solely on price we’re probably not your best option, although we try very hard.

We want to be around for a long time, so we simply can’t give away our products to make our sales numbers look good. We’re here to make a profit like any other sensible business but not at any cost. To us, quality is more important than quantity. If you feel the same way, we’re sure you’ll feel right at home with us.
We promise that we deliver the products you need, at a reasonable price, in the fastest possible way. And, in the event of an issue with an order or product, we will do our best to work this out with you or help you find a solution.

How do we get products to you?

Over the years we have created great relationships with both manufacturers and product distribution companies. They physically stock the products and ship them to you from one of 90 warehouses throughout the US. Every day, or in some cases, every few hours, we receive updated pricing and availability information from our suppliers, which we compare and offer to you on our web site. This means that our pricing of a product could potentially change from day to day. If our cheapest supplier no longer has the product available, we use the next best price, until a cheaper solution presents itself.

Once you place an order on our web site we try to ship the products from the best possible location. Naturally cost plays a role but other factors are important too. The relationship with suppliers, ease of doing business and availability are significant in the decision making process. Also, to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce costs, we find the closest warehouse possible to shop the product from. We offer a flat shipping fee of $4.95 for as many products as you like, as long as they each weigh less than 25 lbs. We try to ship it from the closest location so most orders arrive well within the 5-10 business days. However, if we have to, we’ll ship it from the other side of the country for the same $4.95.
Of course we offer overnight delivery too, if you need it the next business day.

We never make mistakes..

If only that was true… Our company is run by real people and we make mistakes. Even our automated processed sometimes mess up. We know this very well and we dedicate a decent amount of time to solving and preventing these issues. Unfortunately there are a few areas we know we have problems:

1. Our product availability is not always accurate
Because we source products from many different suppliers, some of them do not have real-time availability information. So, it’s possible the number of products in stock is not the actual number in stock. When you absolutely need to know you can always call us. A lot of times someone here can tell you the actual availability or they will get back to you. Either way, if you have placed an order and a product is not available, we will let you know as soon as possible.
2. Human error
A simple type-o in the product description or price can make a world of difference. With almost a million products in our catalog it’s impossible to manually check every product for accuracy. So, you can do us and yourself a huge favor by calling or emailing us if you have a feeling that “the deal is too good to be true”.
3. Much more
We know our business is not perfect but we know most of our “pain points”. Some of which we’re working on, others will just have to wait because we simply don’t have the resources larger companies can throw at issues. We have a big “To-Do” list with requests from everyone involved in our company, including customers. Besides getting products to our customers this is what keeps us coming back to our office every day of the week and sometimes weekends too.

Don’t take our word for it
We love feedback because it helps us improve and, if it’s positive, makes us even more enthusiastic about our job. So, to see for yourself how we’re doing, just visit ResellerRatings.com. Once you have placed your first order we will ask you to give us feedback there too.

Feel free to browse through our site at: Digismart. I am sure you will not be disappointed by our wide array of Techs and Gadgets available and our flexible and prompt shipping options are second to none.

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