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Save up to 90% & on textbook deals at valorebooks. Valorebooks stocks a large variety of rental and new textbooks of almost all educational subjects. The store has a user friendly website that makes the selection and ordering process easy for customers. It also has an order tracking tool that allows customers to track orders. Reviews reveal that customers like Valorebooks because of its great variety of textbooks and easy accessibility.
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Valorebooks also offer the opportunity to Sell textbooks online

Get rid of old textbooks you’re not reading and score more cash. Selling your textbooks online is a fast, easy, and smart way to make money, but selling your textbooks online with ValoreBooks is even smarter. With Valorebooks you get:

1. Highest textbook sellback prices. Our marketplace model connects you to hundreds of buyers who are looking to acquire your textbooks, meaning you get top dollar for your old textbooks-guaranteed. Better yet, if you find a better price somewhere else, they will match it.

2. Free shipping and easy order tracking. Sell your old textbooks with ValoreBooks and they’ll give you a prepaid shipping label. That means you get to ship your used textbooks for free! Plus they’ll keep you updated on the status of your sellback order, so you always know where your shipment is and when you’ll receive payment.

3. Biggest variety of textbook titles. Selling your used books with ValoreBooks is awesome because you can sell almost anything: student textbooks, novels, biographies, non-fiction, and more. If it’s on your bookshelf, chances are you can sell it with Valorebooks.

4. Fast and flexible payment. ValoreBooks offers three payment options when you sell your used textbooks online. Choose to receive a check in the mail, a PayPal payment, or even get money to pay down your student loans.

Sell textbooks online & Get the most cash back on over 1 million products

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